The overall objectives of Silent Timber Build project are to make multi storey buildings with wooden structures (could be family dwellings, student dwellings, elderly dwellings and similar) more competitive by:

  • Developing accurate prediction tools.IMG_1873BD
    They are needed to provide designers with new tools, as already available for concrete and steel structures, thus eliminating the need to build “test houses” when timber frame structures are considered. The prediction tools for vibrations and sound insulation will be developed in a manner that makes them usable for easy transferring into current EN-standards and in the extension to commercial software
  • Applying and disseminating knowledge regarding new requirements adapted to wooden building systems that provide competitive sound insulation at all frequencies affecting human comfort, starting at very low frequencies where necessary
  • Describing competitive and efficient solutions on the European market that is IMG_1874BDoptimized to fulfil modern requirements and preconditions. It also includes a description on how the assembled combination of floors, walls and couplings influences sound insulation. They will be accessible in guidelines and examples in a new European database, developed within the project, that have the potential to fulfil future requirements
  • Increasing and disseminate the knowledge about the prediction models and efficient solutions among the industry and consultants using the new European database but also other sources. 

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