Final reports

The following reports summarize the results from « Silent Timber Build” project. For full understanding and deeper knowledge we refer to the Work Packages reports as they are available online, below, in total three reports describing:

> WP1. The modelling prerequisites and the software used

> WP2. The verification of models and the grouping that has been done in order to simplify model verification

> WP3. The ATLAS and the basic principles for the auralisation tool

WP4. Dissemination, all events and communications are listed in this website,

WP5. Design Guide;

The project results are satisfactory and the confidence in modelling is far better today compared to prior to the project. There are still obstacles to overcome, however a far better understanding is achieved and the wooden industry can look forward for more safe prediction of sound insulation, implying more scientific development of new buildings as well as opening up for new products and building systems. Preconditions that will open the doors for a more competitive wooden industry and an increased number of buildings with wooden structural components in the future.

« Silent Timber Build” is a Wood Wisdom Net+ project granted in the 4th joint call of WoodWisdom-NET research programme, 2014 – 2017.