WP 4: Dissemination and Exploitation

This work package main objective is the exploitation and dissemination of experience and good practice, the active promotion of the project in the wood building sector and training on the proposed prediction tools and building guidelines. It will disseminate the basic outcomes of the project to the “building with wood” companies in the different European countries. The dissemination will increase stakeholders’ awareness for the timber based building construction subject and provide substantive information for improving building quality and resident satisfaction.

Work Description

This work package will disseminate the outcomes of the project to the different concerned communities. All publications will be agreed upon by the Project strategic steering Board.

Task 1.1: Knowledge transfer to industry and general public

This task will design, produce and exploit a number of tools and actions aimed at presenting the project to the general public. It includes an extended use of the website www.acuwood.com which will be kept continuously updated presenting previous project, but primarily the progress and the outcome of the proposed project, its objectives and details about the partners. The partners will link their homepages to the website in order to draw attention to this project and to increase the traffic to the website.

An electronic newsletter will report on the development of the project to the « primary” circle of stakeholders directly interested in following the progress of the project. Concerning transferring knowledge gained in the project to the industry, guidelines for improving building quality as well as building simple details and examples will be edited as an electronic document freely available on the web site. In this task, particular attention will also be paid to mobilizing media whenever possible in order to largely publicize the project and improve timber based building in construction market.

Task 4.2: Scientific dissemination and to standardization

This task will « classically” consist of publications in peer reviewed journals. The project researchers will participate in relevant conferences, symposia or seminars to present the project and its results. If the project demonstrates that European standards should be modified or extended, the involved researchers that are members of standardization working group at European and/or national level, will be in charge of proposing and explaining standard modification.

Task 4.3: Training, workshops and conferences

The training will be carried out in several workshops in different countries. It should be emphasized that local language will be used in order to assure good information transfers and discussions. These workshops will be the primary means of training on the prediction tools and methodologies developed in the project, as well as the building guidelines for builders and designers. The workshops will provide a platform for discussion on the intermediate results and the possibility to validate them continuously.

Workshops are a keystone for the effective exploitation of existing knowledge (state-of-the-art) and the subsequent comprehensive dissemination of project results. The workshops will be used for bottom up validation of the project results. An early workshop will be organized in order to take into account the requirements of end users, a ‘brain storming process’. Specialist workshop will also take place to discuss with partners and participants from the associated partners group the project advances and choices concerning especially the advances on the optimized prototypes definition and the prediction tools.

The First Conference in France will present the intermediate results and define the way forward. It will path the way for a better cooperation and understanding between the technical, the design and the political level. The Final Conference in Sweden will present the major results of the project. Solutions for the identified problems will be presented based on the project results. Both conferences will attract designers, and developers, SMEs and representatives of national and European building institutions and ministries together, as well as manufacturers and suppliers to provide a holistic view on the acoustic and vibration topic for wooden buildings.